Logo, coded website, email, poster

Empower the Youth wanted to create a website with young voters in mind, but information for all. It was to be a party neutral website with a recommendation to stick away from the traditional red white and blue colors. I thought of making the website a neon theme, as taking aesthetic photos with/of neon signs was a trend I had seen on social media recently. Purple and yellow is a color pairing of mine that I had been wanting to use and since they are party neutral I took the opportunity. I had wanted to make neon signs throughout the sight for headings and icons but didn't get have enough time to complete. This leaves the sight looking a little harsh with the black background throughout but I still think it looks pretty cool and a bit more interesting than a typical sight would look to a young voter. This was my first time back coding after about a year and half break and so while it may not look perfect, with areas I am looking to improve in the future, I am pretty proud of how it turned out. All of the information to be put on the sight was chosen by me but definitely not written by me...all credit to actual voting information sights like vote.org and rockthevote. Credit also to the cool designers on FlatIcon for allowing me to use their work so that I could complete the project on time. 

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